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Non-ordinary reality shamanic journey

Encounters with Non-Ordinary Reality [SOLD OUT]

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Thursday 16th January 2020
6.30pm – 7.30pm

Sonic Waking presents: An audio-visual experience to induce a trance like state where participants may journey to non-ordinary reality.

Using specific drumming patterns and tonal frequencies used by shamans all over the world for thousands of years, Sonic Waking will recreate an ancient ‘shamanic journey’ using modern day instruments.

Listening to prolonged drumming at between 200 to 220 bpm has been proven to induce a trance like state, similar to a psychedelic experience.

What to expect

Participants will be lying comfortably in sacred space whilst being guided on a visual shamanic journey to the beat of a live drum, as the journey progresses, so will the intensity of the experience. We will progress through 3 tonal frequencies, starting with 396 Hz played on guitars and bass. Modern day science now confirms what our ancestors knew – that each frequency correlates with different organs in the human body. Each frequency activating different emotions and feelings.

By the end of the journey, you will feel relaxed, yet energised. You will be fully activated. Many people claim to feel as if they have encountered a different reality where they have experienced hearing a guiding voice or have experienced seeing a vision.

Opportunity for Q&A’s at the end.

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