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Medicine Wheel Yoga Course SOLD OUT

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Starts Sunday 5th January 2020
x 4 Sunday Workshops

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of medicine?

Like many people, you might associate the word medicine with pharmaceutical drugs, doctors and hospitals. However the shamans and ancient yogis know of many forms of medicine – nature’s medicine.

Where as modern medicine attempts to tackle the symptom (ignoring the cause), ancient medicine is a way of being in harmony with nature and a way of connecting to your personal power so that you can become whole and discover perfect wellbeing.

The shaman’s medicine wheel is a metaphoric concept for developing spiritual knowledge and a way of seeing the inter-connectedness of humans and nature. It’s also a way of seeing how the part (the microcosm) is reflected in the whole (the macrocosm) and vice-versa and a way of seeing the many cycles of time.

What to expect

  • An introduction to the medicine wheel
  • Medicine according to the yogi and the shaman
  • How to use the medicine wheel
  • How to find your own medicine
  • Exploration of medicine in the form of poses and movement such as shaking medicine
  • How to find ultimate wellbeing
  • How to find balance and harmony
  • Why rituals and ceremonies are part of who we are and how to create your own
  • How to stop leaking power and become who you were meant to be

Indigenous shamans, medicine men and women have been telling us for decades that these teachings are vital to our existence and to the role we play in the world. We can not look to our Governments to protect our beautiful mother earth. Be the change you want to see.




£59.99 per person

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